my camera is getting lonely

By now, if you really follow this blog, you might be asking, “where are her pictures?”  Perhaps not.  The short answer is: I have been taking some down time with Christmas and getting back into routines.  I just came off a whirlwind picture taking tour right before Christmas and I was TIRED…but in a very satisfied way.   It was a great six weeks of doing portraits….which I am discovering is my niche.  But I digress.  I haven’t picked up my camera much since Christmas.  I find winter to be an uninspiring time to take pictures. My backyard is nothing special in winter and I’ve been unwilling to brave the elements.  I do need to get out once again and find the shots…they are there.  If you live in Georgia you also know that it has been absolutely miserable outside. Very bad elements.  Sure the ice and few flakes of snow could make for good shots, but I found that the few I did take were void of anything special.  I didn’t want to take the standard “here’s the chair with ice on it, here’s the mailbox with ice on it, here’s the driveway with ice on it”…you get the picture.  So, I kind of just said, “I’m not going to take those shots.”  I got a few of the kids, but they weren’t interested in being photographed; they wanted to play.  Still, I know that I need to be taking pictures everyday.  Perhaps I am saving up for the million and two pictures that will be taken at Disney!  Perhaps this is the brief pause before spring when I hope to work regularly.  My friend and web designer Jonathan is working on my web page coming soon! I’m focused on that.  I’m choosing pictures I want featured on it, and some of you may be the stars!  I’m itching to get back in the swing of working on my skills.  Admittedly, I feel frightened.  What if I’m not very good?  I think everyone, no matter their craft, needs to feel a little healthy intimidation.  That’s what pushes us forward to take risks that very well could be something!  It makes me shake and it makes me want to keep going.  In the end it may just end up being a hobby or a little avenue for pocket change, but whatever may be, I AM GOING FOR IT!  So, I better pick up the camera.



  1. I figured you were really busy getting back into the school routine. Something that is still lacking here. I have much more computer time for blogging b/c I can multitask and blog while I feed the baby. I like portraits best as well. I saw a really neat birth/newborn slide show recently on a website of a maternity/newborn photographer. Looked like a nice niche to focus on.

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