two more days

That’s how many days are left of our Christmas break.  I, quite out of character, took 3 1/2 weeks off this year!  I have to say that having this much time off has been wonderful.  I tend to be very duty bound, especially about the education of my children.  However, I tend to also miss the beauty of being homeschoolers in setting my own pace, not being enslaved to “the system”.   I’m realizing that I can’t be too driven, plowing ahead, and getting burned out.  One of the goals I have for the rest of this year is to slow down and pace myself.  With that realization, I gave us permission to really rest and relax this season once all the parties and activites ceased.  It has been so nice to sit with cups of tea, fires burning, games, fun TV series, books, sweet times with family, candles, treats, and such!  Truly, I have enjoyed myself.  I almost hate to see it end, but know all too well that these times are  sweeter when they aren’t ordinary.  So, on Wedneday, we will resume our studies, refreshed.  We will return to schedule and yet we will keep a pulse on our needs to deviate, when the time arises.  Happy days!


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