New Year’s Eve

We aren’t ones to go out for New Year’s Eve…and are happy as larks for a quiet night at home.  However, we do like to do a little something with the kids to mark the passing of the year.  We started with these:

These are Gyoza or dumplings.  It is said that eating dumplings on the New Year either brings luck or good fortune.  We don’t hold to that teaching; we just like them.   I got these pre-made pockets of yumminess at our local Asian grocer.  See that nice brown, crispy bottom?  Don’t forget the Gyoza dipping sauce!


Later we had a Thai meal, and sparkling grape juice while we had devotions.  The kids started getting itchy for a fight, a silly string fight!  We did this last year, and now it is expected every New Year’s Eve.  It takes all of 3 minutes to use up the string and a lot more time to clean it up.  Yet, it is 3 solid minutes of fun.

The kids went to bed at the normal bedtimes and Jack and I sat and read.  I had a steaming cup of tea, a good book, and re-watched episodes of Monarch of the Glen.  It was great!  Bella, our neighbor’s dog, and I fell asleep by 10:30.  It was a perfectly quiet, cozy evening.  Happy New Year!



  1. Your post reminded me that I wanted to ask if you have any Thai Cookbooks/recipes you would reccomend. I want to attempt to make some Thai, since we dont get the chance to go out for it very often. Happy New Year.

    • kimmyskids says:

      I jut have the ones I brought back from Bangkok. I can teach you to make a decent curry with items available at Publix.

  2. Your gyoza look like quite a treat…and I love it that you have a silly string tradition. Such good memories. Happy new year to you, our friends.

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