New Year goals

These remaining days before the New Year begins is a perfect time to flesh out goals for the coming year.  I spent a little time yesterday getting a rough draft for mine.  I am a little reluctant to post this because I know there is a lot of room for this post to be not taken in the spirit in which it is intended.  Let me say that I am a big believer in personalities.  Mine is not yours.  That is ok.  God loves us and created us uniquely.  Find out what makes you YOU, and be comfortable with yourself.  Freedom baby!  I’m learning that myself…because yes, I get made fun of for being me.  I did decide to post this for posterity, and for accountability.  If I am completely honest, I am also posting because it might encourage someone.  Whether we are type A’s or B’s…or some hybrid, we can all have goals that work for us.  This is what I am developing.  My lists are not comprehensive, but I thought I would share a goal or two from each area that I would like to work on this year.  I have more under each area, but since they are typical for my personality, I left some out.  


  • Consistency in the Word
  • read 2-3 books on topics of interest
  • Friday Bible study (Romans)
  • Prayer time in shower


  • continue with nightly communication time
  • date night ( at home counts)


  • healthier meals
  • exercise 3x per week


  • time with adults, kid free, once a month
  • vacation in Feb.


  • weekly clean
  • plan meals
  • more kid help


  • slow down and take more breaks when needed
  • specific kid goals are here too


  • don’t say yes to everything 🙂


  • This is pretty personal, so I will share some verbs to help you think through your goals: develop, initiate, serve, maintain, call, respond, pray


  • biz license
  • website
  • professional workshops
  • spring launch

Truth be told, when I finished my rough draft, I was a little overwhelmed.  I realized though, that what I basically ended up with is a framework of a prayer list for the year!  I know that the goals will not be static, but will change as new things are added or as things get crossed off.  The goals will help give me direction for the year, help me evaluate where I am, and will help me to know what to pray for.  Perhaps a few months in I will reevaluate realizing that I have taken on more than I can handle or maybe not enough.  That is ok.  The purpose isn’t to hold me hostage, but to help me grow and live intentionally, getting the most out of  what God has given me and entrusted to me.   My encouragement to you is to spend a few minutes thinking about what you want out of this coming year and what you want to see God do!  His mercies are new!



  1. We have the same prayer time :D. As I read your list for the upcoming new year it is very similar to the one that I have been composing in my mind, but just haven’t taken the time to put on paper. I love what yous said about being intentional with your growth and living, reminds me of the verse that says, “Without a vision the people will perish.” Prov 29:18

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