it was like…the best Christmas ever!

Ok, so no Christmas beats the original one.  However, this was a really neat one for our family.  We got some neato gifts, but it really wasn’t about the stuff.  For me, it was more the realization that the fog, dare I say pall, that has been hanging over us for 4+ years seems to have lifted!  That’s sounds really dramatic, and yet it really is a good analogy.  The last 5 years of our lives have been trial, and change filled.  There have been lots of second guesses, lots of desert type moments, as well as longings for greater belonging and stability.  It isn’t like some big change occured; it has been more the subtle realization that God is being good to us and has been all along.  Just when I was beginning to wonder if it would always be this hard, from here on out, things began to get better, easier, adjusted, stable, and purpose-filled.  God is blessing Jack’s work, and is using Jack’s gift mix both professionally and outside work.  God is blessing my efforts at homeschooling.  He is allowing me outside interests, which helps me so much.  I’m getting to know people in our church better, I’m in a great Bible Study, and a  great T-group with ladies I love and respect, and God has given me some women that have my back.  I’m grateful and hopeful for the year to come.  And because I know how blog’s can distort reality, I want to make it clear that life isn’t perfect.  I still have down days, and yet I see God giving us some happiness along with the joy that was already present. We all know the difference, right?

One of the ways God is blessing us is with an unexpected provision. If we are facebook friends, you may already know.  After 4 1/2 vacationless years, we are going to Disney World in February!   It feels like this amazingly abundant treat.  While in Thailand, we vacationed every 6 months, at least.  It was needed and neccessary to get away and restore.  Starting over here has a way of taking away what most people view as a right.  I learned that I didn’t need a vacation any less here, but it was harder to obtain when starting over.   I have a child that has never been on a vacation.  Our last vacation was before he born.  We are just amazed that we are finally getting an opportunity to go on a big family vacation!  Thank you Lord!  The kids are thrilled that it is to Disney to boot!  We are so looking forward to this. 

We also got the gift of snow on Christmas Day….and today, the day after!  Stats reveal that it has been over 100 years since this has happened in Georgia!!  Amazing!  I really feel that the blessings are almost too much and I almost feel guilty for them.  But, where is that coming from?  We can’t be Christians that only feel suffering and want or self-deprivation as in keeping with the will of God.  God is an abundant God and when He provides a season of abundance, we should accept it with thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for this upcoming trip and for what it will mean to my kids.  I can only thank the Lord for it.   If this makes me sound weird, it’s only because I undertand that trips are not a right, and that all good things come from the Lord.

Did I mention that it is still snowing?



  1. Kim, as I was reading this I was thinking of Psalm 18 and God bringing you “out into a spacious place”…because He delights in you. So thankful. And excited for you about your Disney trip- it will be all the sweeter because it’s been long awaited. Merry Christmas and enjoy that lovely snow!

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