all is calm, all is bright

Here I am on the eve of Christmas Eve.  I spent the majority of the day getting ready for Christmas.  A few days ago, Gracyn came down with a virus of some sort and even possibly a mild case of the flu (she was even vaccinated).  It was a rough few days, leaving me a little behind on Christmas preparations.  She has recovered, and to date, no one else has fallen ill.  Thanks be to God!  So, today I did my big clean for Christmas, knowing that I will probably still need to do a wipe round tomorrow night.  To me, Christmas Day should begin with a clean house, and I know it will not end that way.  At least when we wake the house sparkles!  I have washed tons of laundry, picked up my ham at Honeybaked, ran one last grocery store run, and did a little baking.  I made our loaves of pumpkin bread and Christmas Wreaths, which are like rice crispy treats, but with cornflakes.  I’m tired, but satisfied.  I am ready to enjoy the quiet that comes with Christmas Eve.  I love the stillness.  I am really excited about this Christmas for many reasons.  We may even have a white Christmas…or at least a flurried one!  I have never had real snow on Christmas.  My house looks lovely and I am enjoying it.  But, more than anything, I just feel that God has really blessed us in the last few months, which I will elaborate on later.  For now, I just want to savor it.  I feel like God is showing us His love through blessings.  I know He often shows love through sufferings, and we have had those aplenty.  Right now is just a little different from what the last 5 years have been.  We are thankful!   I hope each of you has a Merry Christmas, remembering God’s ultimate Christmas gift.



  1. Rejoicing G is well! Just finished up my baking. I get to relax the rest of the day.

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