company Christmas brunch

Dressed and ready for the Christmas brunch, I attempted to get a photo of the kids in front of the tree. I eventually got this:

Jasper decided it was fun to cut up, so we had a lot of takes just to get the above.  We even had:

Knowing we were going to see Santa, I told Jasper I would show him this picture.

Jack’s company hosts a wonderful annual Christmas brunch.  Every event of theirs is stellar and the Christmas brunch is a highlight of our year.  Reps and their families attend.  Not only is there wonderful food in the beautiful Capital City Club, additionally the children attending are just as important as the adults.  One of the patios is tented, heated, and turned into a craft workshop.

The first stop was Legoland! My kids love Legos, so we kind of camped here for awhile.

They built Santa’s sleigh and a reindeer.


We made reindeer food.


We decorated gingerbread men.


We saw Santa.  Jasper said before he sat on Santa’s lap, ” We don’t need to show Santa THAT picture.  He doesn’t like cry faces.”  We kept that picture to ourselves.


After the brunch, we headed for take two on this:

It wasn’t “our” Pink Pig on the roof of Rich’s monorail style, but the kids were really excited to be “chuffing” on the Pink Pig train.

That’s all folks!



  1. It was fun to see this this morning…what a snazzy, festive event! And, I must say, G’s outfit makes me very happy.

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