where I’m at…this week

I haven’t done one of these pour out my soul posts in a while.  I mentioned months back about being less tranparent in my older age , but every now and again I feel a need to record what I’m truly feeling-thinking since this is the only journal I consistently keep.  I’m having one of those rare weeks where I feel everything I’m thinking about merge or overlap.  This week has been hard and joyful at the same time.  I’m learning this week that whatever is worth having is worth working for.  Sure, it’s not a new thought.  Truly, you can’t do anything by halves.  You are in, or you are out.  That’s what I’m seeing repeating this week.   I’m realizing on some level that I’m feeling a little more settled and secure.  I think too, that at this time in my life I am finally able to think about the things I really want to go after, and go after them!  For so many years I did all the things that was needed of me, but never felt I was able to ask myself what my gifts were and what my dreams entailed.  I don’t think being a team player a negative thing, and I’m grateful for those years of learning what it means to think beyond your own box.  Learning to serve is a huge gift.  At this moment though, I feel that I’m getting a small turn to explore some of my goals.  Service however, is still part of whatever goals and dreams I may have.  There is never a place for self-absorbtion.  I’m really excited about exploring photography and taking it beyond hobby to an actual business.  I have launched a small portrait business presently and am dreaming and persuing going further.  It makes me happy and I love capturing moments.  Beautiful pictures are a treasure.  I’m praying that God would open more doors and enable me to do this.  I love that I am able to do something creative.  This week has been encouraging on that front.  It makes me smile to make someone else happy.  Lord willing, this will continue.  I feel out there taking a risk, and that has been missing these 3 years for the girl that loves adventure.



  1. It’s a privilege to hear how you’re processing things. Hooray for new and exciting endeavors in the context of your life lived for God.

  2. hey Kim! Thanks for sharing this post…and I am excited for the new photography adventure…may God bless it abudantly…and may you feel Him upon you as you snap moments! It was so great to be with you all the other week…thanks for your service to US! we love you!

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