Ironman goes to preschool

Costume day at preschool is always greatly anticipated.  The kids all wear non-scary costumes, play games, get bags of candy, and have a small classroom party.  Jasper decided to be Ironman, and only based on a Happy Meal toy that he got months ago that he deemed cool.  He is a fierce Ironman, ever the ready to fight bad guys and crime.  Don’t you tremble?

We recently found some cartoon episodes of Ironman on Netflix, and even though the theme songs repeats “Ironman” as the only lyric, it is a catchy little tune.



  1. that is so cute! he is, indeed, a very scary Ironman. James and I both laughed out loud and the expression he has to be fierce.

  2. Priceless, he is playing the part for sure. My grand babies amaze me.

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