picture of the day

I grabbed the boys for a quick photo shoot today, simply to check the lighting during the afternoon.  Gracyn is away for an outing, or else she’d be part of the shots.  I haven’t processed all the images yet, but I just fell in love with this shot!  It was one of those magic moments that you wait for, especially when working with children.  I just love it.  Now, I understand that some of you don’t care for all the processing and unnatural colors in portraits.  However, keep an open mind.  Many of us only like what we are accustomed to seeing or what we are programmed to deem “right”.  I love straight color portraits, but as I am learning more about editing, I chose to edit this with a 70’s effect+ some texture.  I love how blue Jasper’s eyes look with this effect.  I will keep a color portrait that I will post later.  I’m having fun learning some skills, so bear with me. 



  1. Wow, it is HARD to get a smile like that- what a treasure! It’s fun to see you enjoying photography, Kim- do you have some sessions scheduled? Really proud of you for going for it.

    • kimmyskids says:

      Thanks Rhi! I have 7 sessions upcoming! I’m really excited, and nervous. I’m diving in, working on gaining clients, working towards a business license, and hoping to keep learning!

  2. Cindy Leaf says:

    Love it!! What a treasure! Wish we could have a session with you!

  3. that boy is so cute! that could be a modeling picture. you did a great job!

  4. So sweet. Great shot!

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