learning texture

I just bought a set of textures from Florabella today! I’m really excited about adding another dimension to editing.  I have desired to play with texture for several months.  I must say that it will take a great deal of patience in the detail work and the learning curve with precision is going to be steep.  Tonight I just made sure I learned to open a picture and a texture and drag the texture on to the picture.  I played with opacity a bit and tried erasing the texture from unwanted areas.  That is going to be where precision comes in. I’m planning on going through some tutorials to get a better idea of how to use texture effectively.  Here is what I did so far: I layered a couple textures and an overlay.  I erased a bit, messed up, and tried to fix it. Don’t look too closely, but rejoice with me in heading into another editing arena.



  1. so fun!!!! I haven’t really tried any of this yet…maybe one day! =) You’ll have to keep posting more to keep convincing me of trying it! I guess it doesn’t benefit too much for portrait photography, but I love still photography, so I could have fun with that! =)

    • kimmyskids says:

      It is a lot of fun. Actually there are some portrait photogs using texture with clients. Check out florabella. I’m trying to incorporate it some, but carefully. There is a large group of people that only like traditional “color” in portraits. I like both.

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