Bella comes to play

This is Bella, the Chorkie.  That’s half Chihuahua and Yorkie, for those not up on designer dogs.  Bella belongs to our neighbor, but thinks our yard is an extension of her world.  We don’t mind.  Bella loves Gracyn, and Gracyn LOVES Bella.

When Bella hears Gracyn in our yard, she whines for Gracyn until her owner consents to let her play.  So, Bella comes to play.

Bella loves Gigi, too.  Bella spends a great deal of time in a submissive posture with Gigi.  Gigi is very kind to Bella, and lets her invade Gigi’s space…and eat her food! No snapping, or rebukes.

They take in fresh air together…and yes, my dog always looks dopey with her tongue out.

She’s a sweet little pup.



  1. Aw, Gigi has a friend! Cute pup, beautiful girl.

  2. Cindy Leaf says:

    Very fun! What a sweet friend for Gigi and Gracyn!

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