field trip

After 6 weeks of studying the Civil War, we decided to culminate with a trip to the Cyclorama.  First, I can’t believe how much we have covered of this war.  I also can’t believe all how alive this study became for us.  No dry facts, at all.  We learned the facts, but in the context of personal narrative.  We saw the road that lead to the war, we saw that there really was not a “righteous side”, though the overarching motivation was noble indeed.  We saw that Abe Lincoln hated to be called Abe.  We saw his flaws and the parts of his character that shined.  I think the main thing we saw was humanity vs. text.  While the Cyclorama was cool, it was somewhat of a let down because it didn’t really teach us anything.  I am thankful for what we have studied thus far and didn’t need to rely on a field trip to teach us what textbooks couldn’t.  We did learn a cool fact about the Cyclorama’s connection with Zoo Atlanta.  I have been rather curious about the placement of the zoo next to a museum.  Did you know that a circus acquired ownership of the painting at one time?  When the circus went bankrupt , the person who bought the painting also acquired the circus animals.  Not knowing what to do with the animals, the zoo was born!  Speaking of the zoo, we spent the remainder of the day there.  We ate our picnic lunch and went to check out some of our buddies.  I love having a membership so that we can just spend time only where we really feel like camping out.  The petting zoo and the parakeets were the big desire today.  We also took a ride on the zoo train for my little train loving boy.  These are some of the characters we met today::



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