need a picture?

Everyone ready for the stress of the family portrait for this year’ s Christmas cards? I thought not.  By the time you find the right outfits and assemble everyone in their spots, you realize that you forgot to charge the camera battery.  You wait for the battery to charge and reassemble to the family.  You take 40 pictures, and you don’t have a single picture where everyone smiled, or looked at the camera.  Someone moved and the pictures are blurry.  The flash created a halo around everyone and the picture is over-exposed or there isn’t enough light and the pictures are under-exposed.  Now edits.  How do you use the program again? Sound familiar?  Stress no more!

For a limited time, I am offering photography services for your holiday portraits at an introductory price.   $30 will get you:

  • my travel to your location
  • a one hour photography session…enough time to take shots; take breaks for those who need them 
  • editing of the images
  • a disk of all images for your use, anyway you choose…prints are not included
  • your sanity intact… at least in part

This offer is only available to those in the Peachtree City, Newnan, Tyrone, and Sharpburg areas.  I can also do occasions for $50 for 1 hour and $75 for 2 hours.  Pictures will be made available in disk form, no prints at this time.  So, gather your outfits and your loved ones…dogs included, and contact me for a booking! Serious inquiries only, please.

disclaimer:   My work is not “studio” style and I am not a professional.  I love taking fun, lifestyle portraits and am still learning along the way.



  1. Guess Denver is too out of the way!! Too bad! Hope you get some business and have fun doing it!!

  2. Umm…could we come your way??? This is an awesome deal!!!

  3. Way to go! I’m proud of you for jumping in like this.

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