sting like a bee

The Bumblebees are two games into the season.  Aidan has surprised us all by being a good little soccer player! He scored 5 times in the first game, winning the victory for the team.  The second game gained two goals by our little kicker leaving the score either tied 4-4, or 5-4 favor of our opponent.  There was some confusion regarding the outcome because you lose track of these things when watching some really cute kids play ball.  Aidan is so funny because he’s a fierce player.  He has focus, and determination.  He loves to play and score!  His team is adorable.  They like to hang out in the goal.


Jack is having fun being a coach.  The fun skill games at practices are right up his alley.  Coach Jack loves to play “what time is it Mr. Wolf?” and chase at “dinner time”.  Jasper is the assistant coach and is right in the mix during practices.  Actually, he’s a great little helper.  He rights the fallen cones and joins in the chase.


We are having fun cheering on Aidan and watching him have fun.



  1. I absolutely love your family! Jasper cracks me up. Of coarse he is right there with the big boys. Hopefully Aidan will keep up those soccer skills and get a free ride through college!

  2. the last game was a tie 4-4 and Aidan scored 2 or 3 times…he’s a super star.

  3. Adorable! Fun for the whole crew, and Coach Jack looks pretty awesome…

  4. great shots Kim! and way to go Aidan!

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