Bend it like Aidan

Beckham, smeckham.  There is a new force on the soccer pitch.  Aidan began his soccer career today!  He is playing for the Y this year in the under 6 group.  Today they participated in a skills camp in training for their games which begin next week. Aidan actually woke up sick to his stomach and had to rest through most of the practice, sadly.  He got to kick around a bit though.  Jack is coaching Aidan’ s team which is really fun.  We are still working on a team name.  The kid’s (Aidan, really) chose The Kickers.  However,  we later found out that our team will wear yellow and black…which lends to a bee image.  Perhaps the Bumblebees or Yellow Jackets?  The kid’s are all really cute and had a great time playing soccer games today.  We look forward to a great season.



  1. They’re all doing neat things- what great provision! I loved seeing G. in gymnastics- I think that’s such so good for a girl in many ways…and Jasper really couldn’t be any cuter in those pictures. It’s amazing to think of all the ways that God has provided so clearly in his life, from the very beginning.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to go to his games!! He’s so cute in his shin pads 🙂

  3. Annissa Hackney says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! How about The Stingers. Our little one is also playing soccer again this year. I love watching them grow and learn a new sport! Enjoy!

  4. Why do i have a mental image of Jack playing soccer? Did we go to his games in HS or did I make this up? am i really getting so old that I cannot remember? Aidan is adorable!! Hope he is feeling better!

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