Dr. Jackson said

Having children that scoff the meals I make has been one of the great trials of my tenue as a mother.  I have two boys that barely eat anything with any semblance of nutrition.  They would happily eat an abundance of typical kid meals of processed nuggets, fries, frozen pizza, hot dogs, and boxed mac and cheese.  That diet borders on neglect in my view, so we try to avoid these foods when we can help it.  I have been trying to get the kids to eat my well-balanced and nutritious meals for ages.  Jack very sweetly tells them, “Kids, you don’t know how good you’ve got it!”  I find that very encouraging…I need some encouragement to persevere anyway.  Sticker incentive charts have worked to get Aidan to eat, but not so much for Jasper.  He has been stuck in a food jag for a long while now, that I just couldn’t break him out of.  This past week, we he had his 3 year old check-up where his doctor and I talked quite in depth about Jasper’s eating habits in front of him.  Jasper measured a little small at this visit, and Dr. Jackson encouraged me to keep working to get Jasper to eat.  That night I made a meal that I would normally make, with no concessions concerning preferences.  I told Jasper that in order to be a big boy (he fancies himself quite the big boy) Dr. Jackson said that he must eat Mommy’s dinners.  He picked up his fork and began eating, no fuss.  He has been eating ever since.  He has eaten tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, chicken, beef, rice, pasta, and etc…   He has needed a quiet reminder now and again that Dr. Jackson said he must eat.  That’s all it has taken.  He eats and then declares himself a big boy with muscles.  Since Dr. Jackson is the one who declares which little boys are indeed big, Jasper has totally submitted to the good doctor’s instructions to eat.  I guess this shows that while Mommies may urge you to eat so that you’ll grow big and strong, they’ll love you anyway.  Doctor’s will tell you the truth.  Your not really a big boy, unless Dr. Jackson says so.   Now I wish I had mentioned his reticence about pooping in the potty!



  1. Pat Lewis says:


  2. Ooh, I hope it’s continuing!

  3. I just wish Dr. Jackson would let us drop them off and not pick them back up until he has finished potty-training them!!

  4. Cindy Leaf says:

    I love it!! Thanks for sharing.

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