This post is really, really late.  Even so, I want to acknowledge that my first-born is 9!  Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and in the midst of a really rough week.  That week would have made for good blog posting, but as it was so overwhelming, I hardly had the time.  We had our home AC die, Jack leaving for a 6 day work related conference, my van dying on the way back from dropping him off at the airport leaving me stranded for an hour at a Wendy’s parking lot before help could arrive, a birthday outing with family, and then my car AC dying.  All this occured in the same 6 days that I was alone.  Tough week.  At any rate, we did manage to have some birthday fun for Gracyn.  In fact, it felt like we had fun all of her birthday week.  She invited a friend to a movie one of the days and had an extended playdate.  We went with one grandmother to Fernbank’s museum and out to lunch…plus received some nice birthday goodies.  Finally, on her actual birthday and once Jack came back, she was able to go to Build A Bear Workshop for a new stuffie…which somehow we managed to escape ever doing before!  That was all she wanted to do.  Simplicity.  We had a birthday cookie at home and I made her favorite meal.  She truly is becoming a tweenie, and I feel it ever so keenly these days.  The number of toys she is interested in has dwindled down to just a few things.  We were so thankful that there was anything to left to buy for her birthday.  She had so few requests.  I have caught myself really musing about the insane fact that her elementary years are almost over and we will be heading towards those “middle school” years in just two short years.  Truly, where does it go? I remember feeling like she’d never be entering Kindergarten and now I have a fourth grader!  There is still a child inside, full of innocence.  However, I know her childhood days are fleeting, and in the same span of time that she has been ours, we will be letting her go.   Meanwhile, we will cherish the remaining days of stuffed animals and American Girl dolls.



  1. I remember bringing her a rose to celebrate her first day of kindergarten…truly these years are short! I love it that she wanted a Build a Bear stuffed animal- definitely a statement of the little girl still with you. I’ve been thinking of these ‘passage of time’ sorts of things often lately, as well, and feel compelled to pray for the grace and joy to celebrate the passage of time and the God-given mandate to grow them up and send them out. She’s so lovely, and so special to our family!

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Thanks Rhi. I too have that inward battle. I love the innocence and that we aren’t trying to grow up too quickly, and then too, I see the girl growing up and how enjoyable that is. We keep seeing how our lives are getting a little easier each year and the blessing of that.

  3. Cindy Leaf says:

    aw. you know i am all teary eyed now. sniff.

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