The last week

I can tell that there is just one week left of our summer.  Suddenly I develop an adversion to all things routine.  I don’t know where the summer has gone and it always seems short…even thought we have had 3 months off!  I’m excited about our new school year, mind you. However, the last week of summer leaves me wanting to soak up any freedom that remains.  I want to do things like lay about watching movies or my favorite shows all day.  I want to catch up on reading for pleasure.  I get wistful for a beach vacation.  I don’t feel like cleaning *gasp*.   The odds of indulging in any of these indulgences is slim, but I do get a little lazy-minded.  Our last week, which begins Monday, is already pretty full of activity.  There won’t be much time for lolling about.  There’s one absent for a conference, one with a birthday, and family visits.  It’s been a good and full summer.  I’m grateful for all the time we’ve spent together, but maybe I can get one lazy day before it all starts again!


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