making ready

We have exactly one month before school starts again.  It’s hard to fathom, yet every 4th of July I know the countdown has begun to the end of summer.  About this time I also start the month-long madness of getting ready.  To me, back to school feels more like “the new year”  as all things get replaced with new, shinier versions.  We get brand new pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, and glue. Who doesn’t love new school supplies? There is something sacred about an unused box of crayons, isn’t there?  We have Box Day, which is the highly anticipated day when our curriculum arrives on our doorstep begging to be opened.  I don’t know who gets more excited.  Everything gets a brief perusal and then lovingly placed on our school shelves waiting until The Big Day. It is hard to keep the kids off the shelf as the new books taunt them to peek ahead.  Like a school teacher making her room ready for the new school year, I also like to ready our home.  Maybe it’s the former school teacher in me coming out as I instinctively begin to declutter our home, clean out shelves and closets, and the like.  This week, I decided to paint our base boards and trim, which is something that has needed to be done for 2 years!  I attempt to tackle all those pesky little things that lay in waiting during the school year that just can’t be done once the activities start.  I’m neurotic in the sense that I want all loose ends tied before I feel that I can begin anew.   But that’s just me, crazy OCD-ness and all!   My best analysis is that I really like things to have a sense of beginning and ending, and the way I do that is by ordering my world.  So, I have my work before me over these next 4 weeks.  There are lots of chores to do, plans to make, and habits to form.  It won’t be long before the pencils have been whittled away to nubs, the crayons broken, and the glue caps refuse to come off due to being glued shut (oh, the irony!)…all the evidences of busy learners!



  1. baseboards and trim…I’m impressed!!!
    I want to see your school area next time I’m there. I look forward to updates during the school year. Let me know when box day is so I can congratulate you all.

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Thank you! I will.

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