ready, set, potty train!

We began real potty training this week.  I think I have a). reached my limit with the whole diaper buying thing and b).  finally come to a lull in our lives to actual devote time and attention to the process.  Up to now, there have been so many “things” calling for my attention.  I had to get mentally ready and limit the distractions.  Well, that came this past Wednesday.  However, now matter how ready I felt, I also had a boy that was very resistent to the idea.   I decided that training this child was going to call for firmness, a no other option plan, if you will.  I did the very thing I have been afraid to do, being in a carpet covered home.  I took the pull-ups away.  I put training underware on him, and sat him on the potty.  I made him sit, until he went.   The first day was very hard.  He sat for up to an hour at a time.  By the next day, he was able to go within minutes.   He has still had some accidents, but the connection is being made.  He has realized that the potty is not all that scary after all.  He has been rewarded with treats and praise.  I’m really encouraged by the progress made in just 4 days.  Admittedly, today has been a set back with being at church most of the day.  We may have to skip next week until the habit has been made.  Or maybe I need to hang out in the nursery for a week or two.  Hopefully, Jasper will be trained by the start of our school in 5 weeks.  We are praying to that end.  I can’t imagine not having someone in diapers after 9 years, but I will get use to it!



  1. Christi says:

    I’m training Maggie this week. Yesterday showed great promise but this afternoon she seemed emotionally spent from it. I’m covering it in prayer tonight. She gets the connection but I think she was getting frustrated by the afternoon when she kept not making it to the potty in time. I finally bathed her and put her in a diaper for the night so that she could relax. I’m determined to get her trained in the next week or two.

    • kimmyskids says:

      It is a draining first couple of days. I just rest in the fact that the diapers will eventually stop. We are still having refusal with #2’s. But, I know that soon, he’ll be ready to cross that bridge. Hang in there. I’m amazed that you’ve potty trained so many kids already!

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