Summer has started off with a bang.  Already, I feel a little overwhelmed by all the activities and expectations the first few weeks of summer bring.  At every summer’s beginning I have to remind myself that we are supposed to slow down and just enjoy not having a lot of “have tos”.  I feel like we can’t quite get the hang of that until about 2-3 weeks in.  That being said, I still like to have a loose structure of things we can do to keep from going crazy.  Our summer will probably be very similiar to last year’s.  Which looked like this:

Monday: Library Day…we check out all the book we think we can handle for the week.   Gracyn usually gets 3 chapter books and the boys pick out a couple picture books…which may change for one of the boys this year.

Tuesday: Free summer movies for families at our local cinema.   This is such a treat for the kids and it lasts all summer long!

Wednesday and Thursday: Zoo, pool, playground, or whatever else strikes our fancy.  Maybe even just rest.

Friday: Bible study at church…this is really for me, however, the kids get time out of the house and can be with other kids.  I get 2 hours of adult time and hopefully support and encouragement to boot!

Another thing that I endeavor to do during this summer is enrichment for the kids educationally.  Gracyn continues to read during the summer and review her math from the year.  Aidan will be learning to read and work on other phonics type skills.  I guess it is more of a crash course to see what he knows, and really, why should anyone have to wait to learn to read when the motivation is present now?  The downside (and upside) is that I have a feeling he is going to breeze through the Kindergarten reading program this year and end up in first grade by Christmas.  I’m already surprised at what he knows just coming out of pre-k. This means I will have to do some refiguring of plans.  I know it will all work out, even though it all seems hypothetical presently. 

I’m also working this summer on training the kids to take more responsibility in the home.  My default mode is to do everything myself, because I’m better and more efficient at it.  However, I know that I need their help, and I know they need to learn to help.  They have always had to clean up after themselves, but now we are assigning real “chores”.  I’m turning over more of my jobs to them and teaching them how to help out for the good of the family…and truth be told the good of their future selves.  I already am pleased that Gracyn gets up, dresses, makes her bed and cleans her room before breakfast each morning.  She helps with cleaning up toys and other messes.  She fetches whatever I need. She feeds the dog.  Now she is learning to wipe down her bathroom sink each morning and is taking over dishes at dinner!  I’m aiming at everyone having some jobs and reducing my output each day.  The goal is a team working cooperatively for the good of all!  We are getting there and I’m going to make this training part of our summer before the school year gets back under way.

This is all a very flexible “schedule” that we can chuck at any time.  It helps to have a framework of what our days could be!


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