I’m no Van Goh

I’m not very artistic when it comes to most art forms.  Last evening I had the opportunity to paint my very first painting outside of school arts and crafts and truth be told, I usually cried during school art projects being the perfectionist that I am.  I went to Sips and Strokes to paint tulips with my Sister and Mother in Law.  This was what my mother in law wanted for her birthday/mother’s day combination gift.  I was very dubious about being able to produce an actual painting that looked like an actual something.  The instructors were great at breaking down the painting process, so that nubies like me could feel successful.  We spent 3 hours painting our subject and it was fun…and kind of theraputic to get away and paint.  It was amazing how a class of 76 people all painting the same subject could have very different renditions, but that was part of the fun.  I think I am a better photographer than painter, but I did try to apply some of the rules of photography to my painting.  Some things cross media.  I enjoyed myself and that’s what counts.  Still, I think I’ll hang my work of art!



  1. Love it!

  2. wow! you did really good! I love to paint…it is REALLY relaxing for me.
    I should paint more often!

  3. rhianna says:

    I would definitely hang it! Nice work.

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