Food Revolution

In a last ditch effort, I have decided to post this request on my blog as well as facebook.  If you didn’t already know, Jamie Oliver, the famous English chef, is on a mission to improve school lunches.  He has had success in his own country, and is now trying to help out in the States.  His intentions are honorable.  He is fighting to get processed, fat laden foods out of the school systems.  His show was extremely eye-opening.  Schools buy these poor quality foods because they are cheap and easy to prepare.  Schools need to be held accountable for the example they set before impressionable young people.  In a school, french fries count as a vegetable.  Chicken nuggets…did you see Jamie’s demo on what nuggets are made of? It would repulse you, and yet they are considered proper food for your kids.  The examples could go on and on.  Currently, Jamie is collecting on-line signatures for a petition he intends to take to the White House to lobby for better school meals.  Personally, I don’t see how we could be against that.  It takes just about 30 seconds to sign the petition.   Even if this never personally effects you or your kids, we can stand up against the junk food onslaught that is on  our nation’s children.   Whatever happened to proper, honest nutrition?  I don’t want to be on a soap-box, but as a nation, we have only contributed half a million signatures.  Georgia has only contributed between 7500-15,000 signatures….in the whole of Georgia!  I think we can do better.  If you didn’t get to view Jamie’s Food Revolution, you can perhaps check it out on or   My kids are not in a school system and the onus for their meals is all on me.  I have learned so much from this program and we have made serious changes in our home.  We have to stand up for those who have no choice but to eat what is put before them.   You can sign here.



  1. Way to be a crusader, Kim. I’m on it. Cheap school lunches- horrible! And speaking of school, happy summer to you! It sounds like Gracyn will be speaking Latin and sharing the Pythagorean theorem with Em when we see her…homeschool is fabulous and G. is blessed with a good teacher who loves her job. See you all soon!

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Ha! I would then have to know those things first. Maybe one day. We are looking forward to seeing you soon too!

  3. Signed it – thanks!

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