ahaan sawan

Heavenly food…is what this is.  This, my friends, is Som Tam.  It is a spicy papaya and carrot salad that is one of my favorite Thai dishes!  It is rare to find a Thai restaurant in our area that serves this, and it is even rarer to find a place that does a decent job at making it authentic.  Still, nothing beats a roadside Som Tam cart in Bangkok, but what we had this past weekend is a lovely rendition of a Thai classic.  A new Thai restaurant opened recently in downtown Newnan.  It is called Mongkoltep.   We have been waiting eagerly for this restaurant to open since we currently have to travel for a decent Thai meal.  This restaurant’s food does not disappoint.  The people are Thai and by that I don’t just mean ethnically.  They are Thais like I remember.  They are friendly, eager to talk, loved my kids…gave them candy, and asked to be called aunty.  There were wais and smiles, and conversations only in Thai.  LOVED IT!   Every single person came out of the kitchen to speak to us.  It turns out that the chef lived at KM 3 on Bangna Trat at Lakeside Villas!  This is so close to our old neighborhoods.  Two of the workers are Thai Christians and attend a Thai-Lao church in Jonesboro.  We may have to visit sometime.  It would be a blessing to worship with Thais once again.   Meanwhile, we are thrilled to have them in our town working and cooking such delicious food!



  1. YUMMMM!!!! I’m terrible when it comes to Thai iced tea…is that the american version? They are so good!
    Do you possibly have a recipie for this??? We love Thai food!
    Great pictures too!

  2. wow, it looks very good. Yah know, I was just thinking about somtam yesterday and wishing I could stop at a vendor and order some off the street. So, the question I have for you is how many bird peppers went in your dish?!
    Love you!
    ps, that picture of the lizard/anole thing is amazing! Great photography and what a great find!

    • kimmyskids says:


      I miss my vendors! Oh to be able to get this for a few cents rather than $9!!!! We didn’t specify pepper amounts, we just wanted to see how it came. It wasn’t spicy enough. Personally, in Thailand I didn’t add extra peppers. The crock had enough residue to satisfy the burn. 🙂

  3. kimmyskids says:


    I can get you a recipe for this if green papaya is available in your area. I think it is basically unripened papaya. You could probably do a search for Thai Papaya salad online. But I have one, if you want me to send it to you.

  4. อร่อยมาก! What a fun blessing- I know the fellowship with these folks was sweet…and how amazing that there are Christians there; you should definitely go visit the church!

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