a boy, a blue cast, and silly bands

Jasper’s permanent cast was put on today!  This is exciting because it puts him closer to getting it off again.  The recasting was not without tears due to the use of a small circular saw to remove the temporary cast.  Can you image what runs through a 2 year old’s mind when he sees a buzzing saw heading his direction?  He was terrified, but once his brand new dark blue cast was fitted, he was good as new! Thank goodness for the lollipops they keep in every room for terrified kids.  I think Jasper has come to cherish his little cast, like it is now part of him.  I wonder how he will react once it is gone? In 3 more weeks we shall see, as that is the length of time the Dr. thinks it will take to complete the healing.  That will be just in time for pool openings!  Isn’t he cute?


And in case you are wondering why my son is wearing bracelets…he’s not!  These are the latest craze.  They are Silly Bands.  Silly Bands are gummy bands shaped liked various animals, creatures, shapes, and themes.  We let the kids each choose a pack today at Shenanagan’s in part for being so well bahaved at the  Orthopedic Surgeon’s and in part so they can be fashionable.  You know how silly fads are.  Anybody who is anybody has these Silly Bands…or so I’m told.  Gracyn lamented that she was the only child in her Sunday School class without them! Gasp! Apparently, you need to wear them up your entire arm, and trade them among friends.  I guess they are a form of currency among peers.   It even affects homechoolers!  Well, lest our kids need therapy for not buying these here today and gone tomorrow items, we caved and bought one pack each.  All, I can say is…someone is very rich right now, and I wish I thought of it!



  1. oh! your poor little man!!!
    I hope you aren’t too tramatized too!
    love the pics!

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