Brave Boy

Jasper broke both bones in his forearm yesterday when he fell out of bed at nap time.  It was a nasty break which left no doubt of its brokeness upon first inspections.  I put him down for a nap, which he never manages to sleep during, and tried to get a shower.  5 minutes later, my very hysterical 8-year-old informed me that Jasper fell and had a bent arm.  Indeed it was!  After making myself respectable, we rushed off to the ER to have my little trooper treated.  He actually fell asleep on the way, despite his pain.  The long and short of the matter is that he ended up having a closed reduction, which is a fancy way of saying that his bones had to be manipulated back into place and set with a splint.  He had general anesthesia for the procedure and felt no pain.  He was really brave through the whole long ordeal.  There were few tears and a couple of parent melting lips quivers, but after all he was in a scary situation.  This Friday we will see the orthopedic surgeon to chart the next steps and hopefully get the permanent cast.   Jasper is doing well today and is feeling some pain, but overall he is a happy boy!



He’s taken quite well to his sling, which he calls his “duck wing”.  There has been some quacking around here.  His only real trauma, in his mind, is the Thomas shirt that had to be cut off!



  1. I’m sorry to hear that, but he sure does look cute in his sling!

  2. wow, poor guy, but it sounds like he did really well! He does look cute in his sling…of course, he’s a cutie anyway!
    On another note, Paul came home and showed me the picture G colored for him. I started crying, and said, “Gracyn colored this for you?” And he said “yes.” I cried some more and said, “Look, she still calls you “Uncle!”” I was just so blessed to see that she still thinks of us as family! I know we certainly feel the same way. anyway, it’s hanging on our “art” wall for all to see. =) Miss you but so glad Paul got to see you all….

  3. So sorry Kim! Another traumatic moment with your children. Glad he’s ok. How are you? I broke my arm when I was 2, and I had to go through the same thing. I don’t remember it, but my mom sure does!

  4. kimmyskids says:

    Aww! We missed you fiercely! I would have loved to have spent time with you catching up. Yes, we most certainly still consider all of you Uncles and Aunties! Somethings you just can’t undo! And, who would want to? 🙂

  5. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Well, he’s such a cutie AND a brave boy! Tell him ‘Aunt Rhi’ says get well soon! 🙂

  6. So s0rry about his arm! Abby fell off the bed when she was almost 3 and broke hers. I’ll never forget the trauma. I had a one week old and a toddler with a broken arm.

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