Thinking Day


Thinking Day 2010 with Troop 54…

Not ever having been a Girl Scout, I had no idea what Thinking Day was all about.   Girl Scout Troops gather each year to raise money for global causes with dimes.  The cause of spotlight this year is World Hunger.  Certainly there are many countries dealing with not having enough to eat.  In light of recent events, Coweta County’s dimes will go to Haiti.  Thinking Day is a fun way to raise awareness and money.  The troops all select a country they would most like to represent.  Research is done to find out facts, foods, and fun! Our troop selected Italy.  Gracyn had another country in mind, but sadly we were in the minority.  Maybe next year!  The troops, with a passport in hand, “flew” to each display to sample and swap.  Most tables had a food to sample and swaps were usually a trinket representing something about the culture of the country.   Samples and swap were a dime a piece.  

The “friendship circle”


A passport for stamps!

Our sample was tiramisu and our swap was actually an activity of replicating Di Vinci paintings.


… and a good time was had by all!



  1. I know very little about photography but I can tell that you are getting better and better! Don’t know what the effect is on the close up with the tiramisu but it looks great. I tried to resist saying it in case another scout Mom read this but sorry just have to… She is the prettiest scout in the group!

  2. kimmyskids says:

    No worries, no other moms are on here! Thank you. 🙂 And thanks for the photography encouragement, I need it. Been feeling like a picture taking loser. 🙂 so many hurdles to hurdle.

  3. Saw your comment on PW Photography. Hope this helps:

  4. Tim & Rhianna says:

    What a neat activity. And G. is a beauty- what a blessing she gets to spend time with all of those girls doing really positive things!

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