Spring is just around the corner.  It is almost time to put away our drab, heavy clothing and invite color back!  These fabrics inspire and would certainly be a nice way to spruce up a spring/summer wardrobe.  Take a look.






Let me introduce you to Napada.

What is Napada?


Napada is a microenterprise business/ministry to benefit families in a Thai low-income community in the Ram 2 area of Bangkok.  The MTW Thailand team is helping women in the area by giving them meaningful work as well as helping them discover the spiritual truths in God’s word.   These women create beautiful handbags.  It is encouraging to know that other women half a world away appreciate their craft and want to buy something made by their hands!   Ladies on the Lane, you will have an opportunity to help purchase 5 of these bags at our upcoming missions conference.  You can bid on the bags with starting prices ranging from $10-$25 according to style.  Not only can you buy a bag, but you can help support a woman like Nong in meaningful work.  You can help a woman like Nong encounter Jesus as she is ministered to by the local team supporting this ministry.   Equally important, you can take the tag with the maker’s name and pray specifically for her.  What a blessing to know that someone is praying for you!   Seeing the makers mark brings tears to my eyes.  Please consider bidding on one or more of these bags at the silent auction coming soon!



  1. As soon as I saw the prints, I knew they were Thai! I have one of these bags and love it! Always get compliments and am able to share about the work in BKK.

    helen henry

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