keeping occupied

On some of these long wintry days, when my thougths are prone to wander, I find it more necessary to keep busy…you know the whole rolling stone and moss analogy.   There are times when I actually finish my to-do list and wonder, “now what?”  Going outside isn’t an option, and the kids are happy/semi-happy playing by themselves and really don’t need my help.   Here are a few glimpses of how I might fill the time::

Quiet time and Darjeeling tea with a lemon! My sweet Titus Group leader gave us these books.  It is one of her all-time favorites.  I started reading this last week.  For me, nothing seems to slow me down (but keep me occupied) more than a good book and a cup of Darjeeling…with lemon.

I discovered one more container of frozen pumpkin puree! Pumpkin Bread!

Continuing on with Giada by making Alfredo is sure-fire pick- me -up! Just be sure this pick-me -up is a once or twice a year treat. Trust me…butter, heavy cream, and cheese…need I say more?



  1. looks like a very nice day! and James would LOVE the Giada dinner today…he loves alfredo. ps. the pics are great. we have an idea for you and the action shots with the doggies…

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Oh? Do tell.

  3. love the pics!! I’m all about reading too-I might go make some lemon and honey tea right now! =)!!!
    pumpkin bread is WAY TOO addicting-isn’t it!? I try not to keep pumpkin puree around! HEHE!
    That’s funny-we eat those kinds of foods everyday-we love butter, cream, cheese, bacon-I need all the healthy fat to help me absorb the nutrients I am trying to get more of! Seriously, you would be shocked at how much healthy fat we eat around here!!! =)
    love it!!!

  4. Great pics! Love that book, I have it back in Iowa. Now I’m hungry, maybe I should go whip some up since those wonderful fats are staples at our house as well.

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