God’s little reminders

 It has been a rather rainy and bleak winter.  This time of year is usually a struggle for me.  The celebrations have all come and passed and life returns to the ordinary.  You rarely see the sun, and the weather is cold.  I am not a fan of being cold.   My thoughts can easily turn to places that are not good for the soul.  Perhaps I dwell on the things I can’t change or become overly wistful for the past.  I may even begin to wonder if I will ever experience happiness and joy again.  That’s a little dramatic, I know.  The flesh can be that way.  However, if we look around us carefully enough, there are little signs of hope.  There are signs of God’s care and we can see that the tides will turn.  I stumbled upon this shoot from where my tulips are planted recently.  Currently my garden is a wasteland.  There are dead leaves, pine straw, and barren branches.  Hardly a sign of life is present…and YET here is a promise for the future.   A tulip will bloom here.  Life will return.  There will be sunny and warm days ahead.  I’m speaking literally and metaphorically.  Where are those barren places in your life where there is a little shoot of promise?  He’s there if you look.




  1. Great post! I know what you mean about taking those thoughts captive, that was what I was working with Abby on yesterday. Satan starts really early feeding us lies and fostering discontent.

  2. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Beautiful reminder, Kim. And beautiful girl in the last post, and lovely dinner in the one before that! Your sauce looks oh so delicious! Hang in there and try to make these wet wintry days cozy- treat yourself to a little something you wished you could have when you were in Thailand!:)

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