I learned today that I cannot have a dynamic photography page here at WordPress.  All additional pages are static.  It was my goal to have all my musings and learnings in one spot, but that is not to be.  So…I started a photography blog.   I was trying to avoid this, but here we are.  I know it is asking a lot to follow another blog.  However, if you are interested, my new blog is Snapshots.  I went back to blogger for this one since blogger allows a little more creativity.  I have missed blogger…I must say.  I added Snapshots to my blogroll for ease.  I do not yet have any pictures uploaded.  I’m still getting myself sorted.  I have mused a bit.  I hope you like this blog and check it out.  I don’t expect you to religiously follow me.  Really this blog is for myself.  I want to document my journey of picking up a nice camera and figuring out how to use it.  I want a place to express what I am feeling and learning.  I want to post some pictures to document my progress.  I want to invite avid photographers to critic me and offer pointers or tips.  If you choose to join me in this journey, I’ll consider it a priviledge that you’d give me more of your time.  I’ll still keep our family blog here at Little by Little.  Thanks for your continued support!


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