It’s been quiet on this blog and I am sure you understand the utter fatigue that Christmas brings.  We are in recovery mode around here, so it may take me a few days to start blogging again.  We had a great Christmas all told.  The kids have been busy playing with new toys and I have been busy cleaning them up time and again…hence my fatigue.  We are working on learning to NOT dump every toy in the playroom out at once…we are slow learners here.  At any rate, my real reason for this post is to point you to a new page on my blog (at the top) for photography.  My gift for every occassion this year is a new dSLR.  I have been busy trying to learn how to use it in the midst of the Christmas whirlwind.  I am going to take a 2 day photography course through Nikon School in January.  I am super excited about that.  In the course of time, I will update the photography page with my pictures.  It will serve as a separate entity from my normal bloggings. Feel free to stop buy and comment on the pictures.  If you are a photog, please feel free to offer tips and constructive criticism…in other words, tell me it stinks in a way that  I don’t lose my courage!  I’m new to this, so expect a slow start.


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