Christmas Past part 3

All told I had 8 Christmases in Thailand.  I have seen many changes in Bangkok with the passing years.  The lights for the King are still there, however, there are also some really impressive light displays for Christmas downtown.  The other displays in malls have gotten considerably more “traditional”.  In fact, many of them can put their American counterparts to shame with their largess. There are Starbucks coffee houses dotted around the city and you can drink a peppermint mocha throughout the Christmas season just as you can all over the world! You still find that some smaller malls and shops have tacky decorations, but that keeps a Thailand Christmas charming.  I think what sticks with me the most is that after years of living in Thailand, Christmas there became the most natural thing in the world.  We were still without our extended family and that is always hard.  However, we learned to enjoy our Christmas celebrations and anticipate them as we would back in the States.   My children suffered not.   They had no ill illusions of missing out on an American Christmas.  To them Christmas was just Christmas.  It was joyful and fun.   We had warmth and sunshine rather than cold, cozy weather.   It wasn’t anything unusual to pack up the day after Christmas for a beach holiday.  This was our new normal.   I love Christmas in the States too, but differently.   Christmas in America is wonderful and has left it’s imprint on my heart.  Yet, sometimes Christmas here exhausts me.  There is often so much activity and shopping that I’m left stressed and robbed of joy.  I do reflect with longing over the Christmases past with their glorious simplicity.  We did just the things that were important to us.  There were very few obligations.  It’s ironic that I found Christmas lacking in those early years with the punky reindeer, and now it has morphed into wonderful memories of family, friends, and a city.



  1. Tim & Rhianna says:

    I love that picture, and your tree looks so nice in the background…continuing to enjoy your reminiscences and praying that Christmas present is cozy and joyful.

  2. I wonder who has that tree now?

  3. Enjoy reading about Christmases past….we continue to enjoy the simplicity of Christmas here as well as the intentionality of inviting those without hope in God into our celebrations. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Wish you were here… dave and jan

  4. kimmyskids says:

    We miss that too!

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