My little Monkey is 5!  It’s always hard to imagine your child being 5 while they are babies, but one day they suddenly are!  Aidan has had been celebrating his birthday for a week, it feels.  Really it has been 3 days of celebrations.  This year we took Aidan to Chuck E. Cheese’s for his birthday fun.  He hadn’t yet been, so it felt like a really special thing to do.  We didn’t do the big Chuck E. Cheese birthday bash, but just went as a family.  The kids had a big time!  We feasted on pepperoni pizza and soft drinks.  They were most eager to play the games, so the pizza was scarfed rather quickly.  Each kid got 33 tokens to play games.  We virtually had the place to ourselves at first, so they could play with abandon.  While Jack helped Aidan, I chased Jasper around.   Jasper basically inserted tokens and banged on the game, but he was happy.  Gracyn enjoyed playing with no distracting siblings.  I think Aidan was really pleased with his big day. 

Aidan has decided that he is in to Star Wars.  He had never seen a movie, but somehow caught on that Star Wars is cool.  We decided to rent  Episodes IV, V and VI so he could see what it really is.  It has been fun letting him in on it.  He also got some Star Wars action figures and a pretty cool lightsaber. Is that one word?  He’s been rather fascinated by Yoda, and I think was somewhat taken aback by Yoda at first.   We are also still trying to convince him the Darth Vader is bad.  I think Aidan wants to like him, because he looks kind of cool.

On Monday Aidan brought a big chocolate chip cookie to share with his preschool class…on Star Wars plates no less.  Being his birthday means that he gets to be the leader for the week and gets to bring home the “Clifford Bag”.  More about that later.  We ended the 3 days of celebration by making Aidan’s favorite meal of grilled chicken with pesto spaghetti.  This is a meal all the kids relish.  Aidan has been asking me to make it for weeks, so I decided to surprise him with it for his birthday.   We’ve had fun celebrating this sweet, affectionate, and tender boy!  This morning he said, ” Now, I am almost 6.”



  1. sounds like a great birthday week for the sweet boy!! he is just too cute!

  2. All boys figure out about Star Wars after a while! My little one loves Star Wars! I thought that is what he wanted to grow up and become! That was just a phase thank goodness!

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