Thanksgiving 2009 was a success!  Everything went swimmingly with the food preparations and I spaced the cooking out better this year so that I had less to do come Thanksgiving day.  The food was excellent and we are enjoying leftovers!  Gracyn was much more of a sport with trying new things this year; she is slowly becoming more of a Thanksgiving connoisseur.  The boys mostly ate rolls and cranberry sauce of all things!  We started the day with the Macy’ s Thanksgiving parade and of course, football ended the day.  Overall, the day was fantastically spent.   Here are a few snapshots of our day.  Yes, two of my three kids are barefoot.  Sorry, can’t do anything about this.  It’s old habit and Jasper is just copying the elders.

This picture makes me laugh.  As we began our meal we had, one crabby kid, one sleepy kid, and one silly kid.  They all got in the spirit shortly thereafter.  The boys just woke from a nap.



  1. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Cute preppy boys, a beautiful girl, a fireplace and a table full of amazing food…much to be thankful for, friend!

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