On getting the H1N1 vaccine

We did it.  I had all of my children vaccinated today against H1N1.  I had been on the fence about this because really both sides of the camp have good arguements.  I agonized over this decision for months. I didn’t have to do much other than agonize though since the vaccine wasn’t available.  Today at the pediatrician, they were.  What is a good mom to do?  I suppose the answer is to live by your conviction.   I too, like many moms, am concerned about the safety of vaccinations and the preservatives that go in them.  I too, am not quite sure about the autism link with vaccinations.  Oddly, I feel inclined to hide my decision to take this vaccine in certain circles.  In the eyes of some, I am poisioning my child.  Still others may think I am a bad republican.  After all, Obama is using H1N1 to scare people in to socialistic medicine, right?  Am I giving in to fearmongering? Have the liberals got to me?  Of course I am speaking tongue in cheek, but these are some of the thoughts out there that have been shared with me when bringing up the subject.  My doctor says 6 out of 1000 people will die from H1N1 complications.  Sure 994 survive and do just fine.  However, that 6 is somebody’s 6, multiplied over groups of 1000.   I don’t want us to be included in that count, but who does?  Then there is the rebuttal of, “well, they aren’t testing for H1N1 anyway.”  “There is no evidence to suggest that these deaths are even H1N1”.  “Only people with poor health anyway die.”   I mean the opinions are endless.  What about those who don’t vaccinate?  Don’t think they are off the hook!  They get all the same comments, just on the opposite extreme.   I have found that being back in the states, forces you to always pick and defend a camp on every issue.  It’s exhausting.  So with all this swirling around, what pushed me to the vaccinate camp?  I think it boiled down to being afraid to be in community.  My boys have been sick for a month.  They have picked up so many illnesses, which I understand is par for childhood.  However, the H1N1 virus is a game changer for me.  I am afraid to take my children to church or school.  Jack and I have been taking turns being at church so that one of us can stay home with the little kids, who cannot be responsible for their health.  They cannot help it if a sick child is dropped off in their classroom. They can not help it if a sick child takes a sip off their cups or eats from the same snack cup.   They cannot help it if  someone doesn’t adhere to sanitary procedures in the nurseries and school rooms.  They are at the mercy of others.  Yet, my children need to be in this community.  This is their fellowship and worship time.  This is part of their spiritual education.  We need to be at church as a family and yet, they need to be safe from harm.  This is why we chose to take the vaccine.  Am I praying that no harm will come from these shots? You bet.   Will my kids continue to catch viral infections from school and church? Of course.  But, at least I can worry less about H1N1 and navigate my way towards focusing on what really matters.



  1. Hey Kim,

    Just wanted to say that we have to make hard decisions all the time- so many in this complicated world. Rest in God’s peace about this one, as we must trust that our children and their times, as ours, are in His hands and knowledge. Have a joyful, joyful Thanksgiving. Today we have much for which to be thankful!

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Very True Rhianna! Thanks for the reminder. It is hard to know what to do to protect the babies entrusted to us, while at the same time trusting in the Lord. Tough stuff! 🙂

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