Aidan’s Thanksgiving Meal

Each child in Aidan’s preschool class made a Thanksgiving project of cutting foods out of grocery store circulars.  The idea was to create the perfect Thanksgiving meal.  Aidan doesn’t look forward to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and this project really reflects his palate!  This is what Aidan would have given his choice: Pepsi, Tombstone Pizza, mac n cheese, corn chips, kielbasa sausage, pineapple rings, crescent rolls, orange juice, and cranberries…to stay with tradition, mind you.  Too bad I don’t intend to comply.



  1. poor little guy. all he wants is his Thanksgiving pizza 🙂 and corn chips. that is too cute.

  2. I am impressed that he wants cranberry sauce! =) I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, I am loooking forward to the TURKEY since it’s been awhile!!!

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