Six weeks after starting to create a playroom for the kids, I am “finished”.  I say “finished” because nothing is every really finished for me.  I have such high visions for what I want to accomplish, that I am often not content to keep things as is.  Today, however, I was reminded to “know when to stop” and when something is “good enough” by a fellow blogger.  You know, the whole “keep it simple philosophy”.   So, with that in mind, the playroom really is good enough for what I am able to put into it right now.   It is simple and functional.  There is a place to house all those plastic treasures and a place for the kids to call theirs.  All in all, I solved a problem and pleased the kids.   This is actually perfect timing to “finish”.  Christmas is just around the corner and I always get an urge to purge right before the holidays arrive.  Gracyn and I spent a good portion of the afternoon purging all those little treasures that end up in the toys such as rocks, paper clips, pieces of paper, torn crafts, and the like…you moms know.  We also sorted everything that has travelled to the playroom 01_resizewrong locations.  We decided what items need to be stored in the attic, due to growing up and out growing.  And Gracyn chose a few toys to contribute to the playroom for all to share.  Generally these were toys she has outgrown, such as My Little Pony.  I’m not so enthusiastic to have the boys play with the Ponies, but don’t all boys take their sisters things and turn them into something else…like pony wars or something?  Time will tell.   I’m pleased with the playroom.  It might not look like a page from Pottery Barn( shhh…I wish it did), but what kid notices those things?  All they will remember is happy hours playing in their own space!



  1. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Two pony-related comments…

    1- Wow, Gracyn has outgrown them?! That’s big!

    2- Asa plays with Emmy’s 🙂

    Glad you have a playroom! What a great thing!

    • kimmyskids says:

      Yes, she has! It is big. We are moving headlong into that “I’m done with Ponies, done with baby dolls, done with pink” phase! 8 really is kind of the first adolescence. I’m kind of at a lose for buying her gifts. Hang on to 6! 🙂

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