Last Friday our family went on a field trip to Uncle Bob’s Pumpkin Patch with Aidan’s preschool class.  For $9 per person, we were able to learn about bats and bees.  We took a hayride and a nature trail walk.  We saw a shearing demonstration and watched a very skilled woman die mohair and spin it into yarn.  We were treated to a story outdoors and watched a man make bird houses out of pottery.  We ended the day with a picnic and a visit to the produce market.  We bought two pie pumpkins and a “blue” pumpkin, which was really sort of sea foam green at Uncle Bob’s urging.  When Uncle Bob learned that I intended to bake with the pumpkins, he really wanted me to have a blue pumpkin to try.  Sadly, the blue pumpkin rotted before I could bake it.  The fault was perhaps mine, and not a faulty pumpkin.   At any rate, my freezer is stocked with frozen pumpkin puree to get us through the rest of fall baking!

Uncle Bob's pumpkin patch 07_resize

Here are my boys on a rock looking over the farm!  Could they look more different?  Secret confession time: I often feel self-conscious when out with all my kids by myself.  I’m always thinking that observers are wondering if my kids have two different daddies!  I feel always led to explain that Jasper is our recessive gene baby!

Uncle Bob's pumpkin patch 12_resize

Here’s the “blue” but really green pumpkin.


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