One of my favorite bits of fall are the pumpkins.  I don’t know why I love round, orange, squash, but I do!  This year we decided to paint our pumpkins rather than Mommy and Daddy ending up carving all the pumpkins.  We bought some paints and let the kids create whatever they liked.  I envisioned the pumpkins having faces, but two of the three thought splashing the paint willy nilly would be better.  Gracyn painted a black cat.  A few days later we made our semi-annual (because we didn’t do it last year) pumpkin shaped cookies.  These are fun to make as they kids can turn them into a variety of Jack-o-Lantern faces.  I was able to encourage traditional faces for the most part.  We did have some ideas for pumpkins smelling dirty sock and such, yet I vetoed that to conserve decorating gel and to keep the cookies presentable.  We will carve one pumpkin as a family tomorrow as this is always fun, and messy.  There is something memorable about having your hands in pumpkin goo.  The kids are looking forward to toting plastic pumpkins and donning costumes!

pumpkin painting 2009 01_resize

pumpkin painting 2009 03_resize

pumpkin painting 2009 05_resize

pumpkin cookies 10_resize

yoda 02_resize

This one is just thrown in for fun.  Aidan dressed up as Yoda for a birthday party.  Isn’t he the cutest Yoda ever?



  1. The all-purple pumpkin is my favorite. LOVE it…

  2. He is definitely a very cute yoda!! i want to see the cat part of G’s pumpkin.

  3. Hey Kim,
    looks like lots of fun at your house these days. I love the painting the pumpkin idea…wish I had thought of that…but ours are carved already!
    Your kids are all getting so big..I did a double take of little Jasper…can’t believe our babies are two! Where does the time go?
    And speaking of time, don’t you and your beloved have an anniversary coming up soon? (or did I miss it?!)
    miss you and love you!

    • kimmyskids says:

      Crystal, we celebrated 11 years last weekend! I also can’t believe our babies are growing up so quickly. It’s sad and amazing all at the same time!

  4. Kim,

    Fall is my favorite season and I love the way you are utilizing all of it!

    Helen henry

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