Gracyn is now an official Girl Scout Brownie.  This is something that Gracyn has wanted to do for a few years.  We finally agreed to let her investigate Brownies to see if this activity is a match for her.  She can be rather fickle about her interests.   She has been to two meetings thus far and they have been good, but hard for her at the same time.  The first few meetings are planning nights, and well, she is ready to camp, horseback ride, and all the other cool things that Brownies promises.  She is having to learn that all good things have work that preceeds.  I think that overall, Brownies and Girl Scouting will be good in teaching responsibility, leadership, hardwork, and so many more skills for life.  The girls will have a full year ahead with two service projects to an assisted living center for a talent show and also facilitating needs at an animal shelter. gracyn in brownie uni 03_resize  They will go indoor rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, have a victorian tea party, go to a fabrege egg eggstravaganza, perhaps see The Rockettes, and a few other things that escape me at the moment.  Of course there will be the cookie sale in early spring, so please save your dollars and buy cookies from Gracyn! All these activities will be badge earning.  Additionally, the Junior Girl Scouts will teach mini-seminars on various topics to help earn badges as well.  I really like the aspect of teaching the girls to plan and execute activities.   Stay tuned for more Brownie news in coming months…



  1. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Doesn’t she look lovely, Kim! That’s so great for her. We’re coming to GA in May (for Tim’s sister’s wedding…); Emmy is asking to see G. and we would like to bring back 2 suitcases full of Thin Mints.:) Really, if that’s the season, we’ll buy some!

  2. kimmyskids says:

    Of course Em can see G, absolutely! I’ll keep you abreast of the cookie situation. 🙂 What a neat surprise that you’ll get a visit in May!

  3. Kim, I was a girl scout and got to go to Europe for 6 weeks with them. We had to work really hard to earn the money to go and it definitely was a learning experience. Responsibility, duty, and what your “word” means were things that I learned being a girl scout as well as many other things!!

  4. Oh how I love girl scouts! You know my now 18 year old is on her last year!!! 13 years of girl scouts for this family and I can say that we have learned so much through this wonderful organization just for girls!!! Good luck!

  5. kimmyskids says:

    Really Monica? That is great! 13 years is along time. Didn’t you and Maria do GS?

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