The crib has come down for the last time in our family.  Jasper has graduated from the crib to a big boy bed!  While there is some sadness that our infant days are over, there is also the promise of all that lies ahead.  We’ve had a really fun 8 years of parenting.  The infant days were such sweet times and we will cherish them always.  We’ve crossed a threshold.  The last baby milestone is leaving diapers behind and that, Lord willing, will not be too far off in the distance.  Jasper adjusted to the big boy bed rather well.  It did take him a few hours to explore his new found freedom before giving up and actually going to sleep.  He is most proud of being a big boy, though he did try to briefly convince us that his crib really was a better option.  He’s forgotten all about that now and loves sharing a room with his big brother.  I’m sure there will be rowdy days ahead for those two bonding in a brotherly fashion.

jasper in big boy bed 01_resize

jasper in big boy bed 02_resize


What pushed me to evacuate Jasper from his room was the ever increasing need for toy space and organization.  It isn’t that we have an overwhelming amount of toys because comparatively, I think we have a modest amount.  However, finding a place for everything was a challenge due to limited closet space.  It seemed that the bedroom floors were becoming “storage”.  I really like things to have a place for being put away and out of sight.   Now with the extra bedroom, we are able to have a playroom.  We aren’t quite finished organizing toys and finding spaces, but we do have a great start with this toy storage system as the anchor.  We got this at Ikea.  I love bins and compartments!  I like keeping things sorted.  We really should have bought four units as we still need more space for things.  We will certainly add to this and keep working to make this playroom inviting.  The kids love the idea of having a central place to play and make messes knowing that clean ups will be easier.   I already love that getting the kids to bed doesn’t involve a major clean up just to get the kids in bed!  Ikea really should call this “The Sanity Keeper”.

toy room remodel_resize



  1. I love organizing toys too…brings some peace to all the chaos! =)

  2. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Amazing that your crib days are behind you…you seem to have a good, forward-looking perspective, which is an encouragement to me. I always think I’m going to grieve too much, but I want to enjoy every stage and “laugh at the days to come”.

  3. I love the sweet brotherly love saying goodnight. I know you will enjoy the “extra” room!

  4. Keeping toys out of the bedroom & in a play room is a big sanity saver 😀

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