Tea [heart] Tokyo

I love this line of clothing that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. As I began the process of shopping for the kids fall clothing, I was really looking for something different. I found Tea Collection online and instantly became enamored with these Japanese styles. Anyone who knows me well, knows how anything Asian inspired grabs my attention. I ordered a couple things just to see what I thought. The items came today and I was really please with the construction of the garmets and the quality of the fabrics! I will definitely order again. The name of the line is Tea because tea is the universal drink of hospitality and sharing. Almost every culture drinks tea. The line seeks to incorporate a global sense of fashion, which I love. Japan just happens to be the current muse, and I look forward to seeing what else inspires this line of clothing. I also love the funky eccletic style, which is so city to me. It might not be a big hit in the land of bows and smocking(which I also love), but that is just fine by me.



  1. Soooo cute! I just made Maggie and Ellie shirts similar to the “banded dress.” Thanks for a heads up to another producer of clothing suitable for our 8 year olds!

  2. Your welcome!

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