Soon I will be saying goodbye…to my old bedding that is!  Jack and I have decided to replace our current, but not so current looking bedding, for our 11th anniversary gift to each other.   The bedding we have has been with us for 9 years of our almost 11 year marriage.  Before we left America to go live in Bangkok back in 2000, we bought some Ralph Lauren bedding for our new highrise apartment.   We were really excited about it too.  It was going to make our place feel like a little bit of America, being Ralph Lauren and all.  That bedding has seen us through the early years of our marriage, transitioning cultures, several moves,  and all 3 of my pregnancies.  My newborns have had tummy time on it and have also spit up  all over it.  The babies were nursed there and given  baths there.  I became one with that bedding during my 7 months bedrest…at that point I would have gladly burned it, and yet it provided me with the comfort of familiarity.   It has been part of our story for so long and yet, it feels like time for a change.  I will feel a certain sadness to see it go, but it will be exciting to have a fresh start too.   In one sense, God has been working on my heart to make me more comfortable with being where we are right now.  It has taken two long years to make peace with it, but I think some trials we faced this summer helped me to move past my own desires a bit and really put my family first.   One way for me to do that is to make a home. I haven’t lived in the same place more than two years since high school.  In the back of my mind I am always ready for the next move.  I am trying to accept things I can’t change and make the most of what I have right now.  I know I will still have my hard days and my questions, but I think that is just going to be my reality. So what does all that have to do with new bedding?  I guess in a sense it is letting go of the past and allowing change.  And in another sense it is that my current bedding is looking tired, dated, and I am just being a typical girl!  We picked out a new bedding set today.  It is really nice and totally different than anything we have had before.  We seem to have a gravitational pull to certain colors, and we stepped out of the rut.  We found a nice compromise in style as we have tried not to be too girly or masculine…which has always been a balancing act.  We are getting this before our actual anniversary in October while sales are on.  I’m looking forward to putting the new bedding on and getting rid of the worn, and frayed.   Then, I can take my time finding the right accessories, since we will probably have this new bedding at least another 10 years!  Now, if I can just get the elliptical trainer moved from our bedroom, it might start looking like a small haven.



  1. Happy New Bedding. Maybe you can post a before and after pic.

  2. I will when it arrives. Belk was out of stock in King sized, so we had to order from another Belk. I hope to have it within the week. I’m almost embarrassed to do a before pic as everything is really worn, but I guess that will make the after look really nice.

  3. sneaky sneaky intro!! glad you are finally getting your new bedding. i know it is exciting!

  4. new bedding to go with some sunshine (hopefully)

    Hopefully you all are okay in the midst of the floods! I have been praying for you all.


  5. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Oh, we all have memories of that bedding…bed rest visits, women’s gatherings, Christmas party…here’s to seeing God’s faithfulness for 10 more years! (and enjoy your pretty new look!:)

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