All this rain we are having is getting me in the mood to start soup with bread dinners early.  This Quick and Easy Tomato Soup is one of my favorites.  The recipe comes from Giada de Laurentiis on Food Network.  It is a quick fix, but tastes heavenly.   We will be having this tonight!  I am posting this recipe directly from Food Network (just follow the link) however, our grocery stores do not carry San Marzano products.  What I do is find a really nice bottle of true marinara sauce.  You’ll know the difference often by price, but do check the label to make sure the sauce does not have any tomato puree or paste.  A true marinara saucetomato soup is made with whole plum tomatoes and crushed tomatoes.   The majority of your expense in making this soup is in the marinara, but it is worth it. I have been using Lafamiglia DelGrosso’s Aunt Mary Ann’s Sunday Marinara as it is more moderately priced.  The recipe also calls for red pepper flakes, which I love, and gives this soup a nice zing.  You can certainly leave it out, but try it with the pepper flakes first.  My kids eat it without any issues.  Of course, we like flavor and taste in our foods.  We serve this with hot crusty bread which perfectly compliments this soup.



  1. For some reason my computer would not let me pull up the recipe site, but it sure sounds tasty!


  2. Yummy!! Never knew that about Marinara. It’s good to have an intelligent foodie for a friend.

  3. For some reason this link is not working. If you are interested in the recipe go to and type Giada de Laurentiis quick and easy tomato soup in the search engine. You should find it there!

  4. Kim!
    This looks delicious and I was amazed to see the name DelGrosso’s in your post! DelGrosso products are a native of central PA…processed and canned just down the road from my home town…and they have a wonderful, wonderful family amusement park complete with water slides and all! I am impressed that they ship to Atlanta…and you like their stuff, it is good! (if you remember my posts from when we were in PA, all those pics from the amusement park were taken at DelGrosso’s.)
    The weather is still HOT here but the evenings are cooling off a bit more and we’ve had some lovely breezes blowing. So, once it gets a little cooler, I will be breaking out the soup dishes too! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    I hope your week has gone well. Love yah!

  5. Tim & Rhianna says:

    The link has an extra http// in it; just delete it and it works…

    Thanks for the great recipe! I looked up a recipe for homemade marinara sauce, and so I should be able to make this yummy soup. We love tomato soup, actually we love good old Campbell’s, but it’s not the best for us, so I’m going to try to turn our collective tastes toward something more refined! Enjoy your lovely rainy days with soup and bread. We’re having lots of rainy afternoons (which I enjoy so much!), but of course you never know when they’re coming…

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