pumpkinNow that Labor Day is over, I am officially in the mood for autumn.   Part of me has been reluctant to let go of summer since the coming of autumn means winter is lurking around the corner.  I am not a fan of winter.  However, autumn has always been a glorious time of the year for me.  I was most often homesick in Thailand during the months of October- December.  I felt I was missing out on something.   We all have our fall rituals that celebrate the wonder of the season.  These are some of the things I look forward to this time of the year.

  • shopping for new fall clothing and exchanging all the bright colored clothing for subdued earth tones and fuzzy textures.
  • putting away summer clothes and rediscovering old fall favorites
  • getting our wood supply for the cozy nights by the fireplace
  • the smell of burning leaves
  • picking out the perfect pumpkins
  • lighting spicy smelling candles…I am currently obsessed by my Yankee Candles!
  • making chocolate chip pumpkin bread
  • finding new soup recipes for chilly nights
  • season premier week on TV
  • going to see the leaves
  • getting the yard in order
  • my anniversary…11th this year!
  • hot chocolate and apple cider
  • nights reading good books

What are your fall traditions?


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  1. LOVE apple cider…makes the house smell AMAZING!

  2. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Are you trying to make me sad? Just kidding…I LOVED fall in GA last year- what a treat.

  3. Hello,

    All of your list is special for me as well, except for the TV, since we dont watch TV. I also love looking at the deep blue sky that you only see in the fall. And dont forget the beautiful fall flowers, even the weeds by the side of the road are plentiful in the fall. I love every aspect of harvest time and being thankful to the Lord for His abundance of provision of food, color, and aroma of the fall season.
    helen henry

  4. when are we going to go pumpkin picking??

    • dunno. We have a pumpkin patch in Newnan, but it costs $12 to get in per person and there is not a pumpkin to take home included. Pumpkins are extra. We’ll have to see if there is another one Jack is willing to drive to.

      • we have a pumpkin patch near here…would Jack be willing to drive to Tennessee? hehe!! I finally have a computer again 🙂

  5. Cindy, I would be willing! I’m glad your ‘puter is fixed. 🙂

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