Aidan began preschool this past Monday.  We are so thankful that he is able to attend this year as his being able to go was in question due to first day of preschool 2009_resizesome family circumstances over the summer.  Here he is on the first day, just being dropped off, and stickering his journal.  He has had a great time this week.  This is his last school year outside of home…unless the Lord leads otherwise.  Our hope is that he will have a great time being able to explore and learn without having to suffer middle child syndrome at home.  He has a need to have something just for him.  While we do feel called to homeschooling, we feel a greater call to evaluate the needs of each child and act thoughtfully and accordingly.  This is what feels best for our family right now.   Can you see the smile on his face?



  1. wow, Kim, he’s getting SO big! Great to see him smile =)

  2. I love how you care so deeply about how you educate your children.
    He does look so happy and much less swollen!!
    Aidan: “Let mercy lead, let love be the strength in your legs and with every footprint that you leave ther’ll be a drop of grace.” from a Rich Mullins song I let your Mom borrow. Ask her to play it on the computer for you today. It has your name in it!!

  3. that boy is so happy to be at school! i love it! glad it worked out that he can go.

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