Today completes our first month of school, which is unbelievable.   The first few days had a bit of stress with readjustments, however, everything is flowing smoothly now.   I previously expressed how excited I was about this year’s curriculum and am here to confirm what an excellent program Sonlight’s Core 3 has turned out to be.  I have truly marveled at the approach to learning early American history.   Our year begins with the study of Native Americans and early explorers.  We have read 4 chapter books which chronicles these stories we previously relied on textbooks to teach.  These are coupled with other forms of systematic approaches to teaching history.  The books bring everything to life!  I have learned so much myself about these stories from another perspective other than the dry textbook author’s portrayal of past events.  We are just loving it and Gracyn can really see and explain the significance of the contributions of the early explorers as well as the negative aspects of their arrival in the “New World”.

All other subjects are going swimmingly as well.  Her abilities to encode and decode phonetics is amazing.  She reads with excellent fluency.  Her writing, though often through a veil of a writer’s moodiness, is coming along.  We have weekly drama with writer’s block, but she always churns out something great in the end.  She’s learning to write in cursive, which she thinks is the best thing ever!  We are continuing on with Singapore Math and I am so glad we made the switch.  Her ability to think mathematically has improved by leaps and bounds.  Science is one of her favorite subjects and she loves learning things to stump others with such as asking if your cells are prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells.  Venture a guess?  No cheating and looking up the answer!  I’m sure many of you science nerds may know the answer, but it was fun to stump daddy with it. 

We are thankful for the ability to homeschool, even if it makes us “weird” in the eyes of the world.   It has been a blessing to oversee our daughter’s education.  And as a friend  has remarked, it is a calling.  We are still taking it a year at a time and are taking it child by child.  We can’t say what the future and longevity of this calling is, but for now we are enjoying the time.



  1. I love hearing about moms enjoying their children whether it be homeschooling or something else. Our children are gifts from the Lord and we need to enjoy them.

    Thank you for sharing. I am hoping to do the “read alouds” with the grands now that they are living with us for a season.


  2. kimmyskids says:

    Oh that will be fun…the read alouds are a priveledge.

  3. Eukaryotic…however, I don’t think we learned that until 7th grade in the good ‘ole days. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that the school year is getting off to such a nice start.

  4. kimmyskids says:

    Michelle gets a prize!

  5. So glad everything is going so well! Keep up the great work [smile].


  6. Are you having her narrate to you and you write it down and then have her copy it? Sometimes it is too much for their still developing skills to have to physically write and think at the same time, hence writers block.

  7. kimmyskids says:

    She just can’t get started, but once she does she is fine. It’s more a self-defeating attitude than anything else. She is quite capable.

  8. Tim & Rhianna says:

    I love it that school is a joyful thing at your house. Praise God for that. I think seeing them read is one of the best things in the world!

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