As part of our study on early Americans, we have been getting a thorough look at Columbus and his contributions in exploration.  I have to say that I have never learned as much about his voyages as I have of late!columbus boats 01_resize  It is very interesting.  I also love how he is given credit for the good things he has done, but is also called to accountability in the negatives.  It is a very balanced approach.  Trying to incorporate the little boys into school these 3 weeks has been somewhat challenging, yet I am looking for ways to make the day fun and educational for them as well.   One way we did that today is by making these Columbus Day snacks.  We turned apples and cheese into the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria!  These are a cute and nutritious way to satisfy little tummies and curious minds.  We followed up by printing coloring sheets from one of the various websites with free printable coloring sheets.  The kids are having a blast coloring the pages, but also adding details and antics of the stories they have heard me read.  Lots of sea serpents and sailors gone overboard!  I’m really grateful for the hours others put in to making activities available online.   I’m excited about seeing the other ways that I can support what we are learning and include the younger kids.   Tonight, to celebrate Columbus’ Italian heritage, we will have spaghetti carbonara… this wasn’t intentional…just an added bonus!





  1. love it! your kiddos are so adorable too! =)
    That has been a challenge for me (last year) and thinking about our new year, is incorporating everyone. The hardest part really has nothing to do with what they can learn, but with my patience! =) I want to not make a huge mess, or not take an hour to do one small thing. I need to get out of the “school box” and remember that it is ok if it doesn’t go as planned or on time. Oh, why do I always get in the way of good things? =)
    Keep posting about homeschooling, it is encouraging to read about…especially as we do Sunlight too!

  2. Great job adding in the littles! You will be amazed by how much they absorb just being around while you are teaching Gracyn and it is really fun and bonding to have them making those memories together as a family. I love the boat snacks. I may just have to steal that idea and create those for my kids.

  3. Man, those kiddos are cute!! and nice boats too!

  4. I love that my grands are all being homeschooled and I enjoy hearing how you are doing it as well. One of the neat things about homeschooling is that the little ones are included and learn “by osmosis”. It is amazing what they pick up. and the family time of learning together is so important.


  5. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Those are great! You’re doing such a good job with them, Kim. And G. is looking like such a beautiful young lady!

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